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  • Tormented

    Tormented (1960). Directed by Bert I. Gordon, Screenplay by George Worthing Yates; story by Bert I. Gordon, produced by Bert I. Gordon and Joe Steinberg for Allied Artists, music by Albert Glasser and Calvin Jackson, cinematography by Ernest Laszlo. 

    Richard Carlson stars as Tom Stewart, a man who accidentally kills his ex-girlfriend, Vi Mason (Juli Reding), and is haunted by her ghost as he prepares to marry another woman, Meg Hubbard (Lugene Sanders). Susan Gordon is excellent as his young sister-in-law-to-be, Sandy Hubbard. Also in the cast are Joe Turkel (Blackmailer), Lillian Adams (Mrs. Ellis), Gene Roth (Mr. Nelson, lunch stand operator), Vera Marshe (Mrs. Hubbard), Harry Fleer (Frank Hubbard) and Merritt Stone (Clergyman).   The film (in a rather poor print) is now available on DVD in a double feature with Lady Frankenstein.

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