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  • IMPORTANT: Susan Gordon passed away on December 11, 2011. Please read the tribute message at the bottom of her Home page.

    Susan Gordon

    While Susan Gordon's untimely death makes it no longer possible for fans to request autographed glossies from her, we've opted to keep this webpage on her website to show some of the wonderful photographs which Susan Gordon used to autograph for her many fans. The 14 photos below are not the only photos she autographed, as Susan had assembled quite a large collection of additional 8-by-10 glossies in recent years. Susan Gordon would autograph these glossies for fans who came to her table at film festivals and autograph shows, as well as for many fans who would request autographs via U.S. Mail. From 2002 to 2011, Susan enjoyed stopping at the P.O. Box at her post office in Teaneck, NJ, to collect her fan mail. Often times she received requests for autographs, but she also received many letters from fans, as well. Susan got a thrill out of receiving actual fan letters, and I believe she responded to most of the letters she received (of course, most of her fan mail came via e-mail, but there were still people who would send her handwritten letters.) Additionally, some of her more ardent fans would send her items related to her career, as well as home-recorded copies of some of her TV appearances. Susan mentioned many times how fortunate she was to have many generous fans.

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