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  • IMPORTANT: Susan Gordon passed away on December 11, 2011. Please read the tribute message at the bottom of her Home page.

    Bert I. Gordon directs a new film: Secrets of a Psychopath
    (posted: May 4, 2013)

    Excellent Article by Matthew R. Bradley
    (published: September 24, 2010)

    Excellent Article by Rob Thomas
    (published: April 12, 2010)

    Bert I. Gordon presented his own personal 35mm print of The Magic Sword
    on April 18, 2010 at the Wisconsin Film Festival at UW Cinematheque, 800 Langdon St.

    Bert I. Gordon Movie Trailers
    Empire of the Ants, King Dinosaur, Food of the Gods, Tormented

    Visit Bert I. Gordon's Official Website at!

    Mr. B.I.G.'s autobiography has been published!
    The Amazing Colossal Worlds Of Mr. B.I.G.:
    An Autobiographical Journey By Bert I. Gordon

    Get a signed copy of Bert I. Gordon's
    newly-released autobiography!

    with or without autograph $25
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       Bert I. Gordon Directed Films*

    1. Serpent Island (1954)    
      (Producer credit only)

    2. King Dinosaur (1955)

    3. The Beginning of the End (1957)

    4. The Cyclops (1957)

    5. The Amazing Colossal Man (1957)

    6. Attack of the Puppet People (1958)
      ... aka Six Inches Tall (UK)
      ... aka The Fantastic Puppet People

    7. War of the Colossal Beast (1958)
      ... aka Revenge of the Colossal Man
      ... aka The Terror Strikes

    8. Earth vs the Spider (1958)
      ... aka Earth vs. the Giant Spider
      ... aka The Spider (USA: promotional title)

    9. Tormented (1960) ... aka Tormented... by the She-Ghost of Haunted Island! (USA: promotional title)

    10. The Boy and the Pirates (1960)

    11. The Magic Sword (1962) ... aka St. George and the Dragon
      ... aka St. George and the Seven Curses
      ... aka The Seven Curses of Lordac

    12. Village of the Giants (1965)

    13. Picture Mommy Dead (1966)
      ... aka Color Mommy Dead

    14. How to Succeed with Sex (1970)

    15. Necromancy (1972) ... aka A Life for a Life
      ... aka Rosemary's Disciples (USA: video title)
      ... aka The Toy Factory
      ... aka The Witching (USA: reissue title)

    16. The Mad Bomber (1973)
      ... aka Detective Geronimo
      ... aka The Police Connection

    17. The Food of the Gods (1976)
      ... aka H.G. Wells' Food of the Gods

    18. Empire of the Ants (1977)
      ... aka H.G. Wells' Empire of the Ants (USA: complete title)

    19. Burned at the Stake (1981)
      ... aka The Coming

    20. Let's Do It! (1982)

    21. The Big Bet (1985)

    22. Satan's Princess (1990)
      ... aka Malediction (UK: video title)

    * Filmography information from

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